“The PA Forest Careers site was easy to use and provided me with a handful of additional applicants, one of which we hired for our Fiber Procurement position.”
– M. Winiesdorffer, Kronospan LLC, Shippenville, PA - Click Here & Submit a Job, Today!

Jobs That Will Save The Forest

Have job security

The lumber industry is booming with tons of great opportunities with room to grow.

Learn valuable skills

Learn to operate high-tech machinery, craft valuable goods, or strengthen our forests.


Find a job with competitive pay while working in a growing and sustainable industry.

Help the environment

As of 2019, our forests are filled with 121.6 billion board feet standing saw timber. Learn the skills it takes to improve, maintain, and conserve our Pennsylvania forests.

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A modern industry

Use high-tech tools and machinery to help create awesome materials and goods from Pennsylvania lumber.

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Industry Pride

Working in our Pennsylvania forests has a rich history that dates back many, many years. Being part of this stable industry can provide a sense of pride and camaraderie with those who are currently working in our forests and those who have in the past.

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