Management Apprentice

Lewis Lumber Products

30 S. Main Street

Picture Rocks, PA 17762



Lewis Lumber Products is looking to hire a Management Apprentice for our manufacturing facility in Picture Rocks, PA. We sell hardwood lumber and manufacture custom architectural mouldings for the building industry. The basic function of the management apprentice is to complete a comprehensive apprenticeship training program by physically working in various departments at Lewis Lumber Products (LLP) to gain knowledge, become proficient, and develop an overall understanding of the company’s operations. This will include working in production, operations, sales, and business departments during the apprenticeship program. Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship program (not to exceed 12 months from date of hire) you will be assigned to a permanent position and assume those duties, responsibilities, and title.


  • High school diploma. Associates and/or bachelor’s degree (preferred) in business management, sales and marketing, forestry, wood products or manufacturing.
  • Experience in the manufacturing field, specifically the hardwood industry.
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.
  • Desktop computer and software skills.
  • Website navigation skills.
  • Social Media skills in communicating and posting.
  • Excellent mathematical, reading writing, language, and technical skills.
  • Ability to: climb stairs and ladders, crawl, and crouch, walk some distances, lift heavy objects at times (up to 50 lbs.).
  • Self-motivated, positive attitude and a commitment to high ethical standards.


In all areas listed the responsibilities and duties include learning, performing, and becoming proficient in the areas listed. Timeframes in each area will be dependent on overall comprehension and proficiency in completing listed functions. Area training rotation and topics could fluctuate.

Area 1: Lumber Yard Operations

  • Overall review of lumber yard operations
  • Lumber handling at chain
  • Lumber handling at order crew
  • Lumber tallying at chain
  • Lumber tallying at order crew
  • Forklift operation and certification

Area 2: Production and Mill Operations

  • Overall review of production department operations
  • Planer crew laborer
  • Planer crew operator
  • Rip crew laborer
  • Rip crew operator
  • Chop crew laborer
  • Chop crew operator
  • Moulder Crew laborer
  • Moulder Crew operator
  • Profile knife room operations
  • Computer Aided Drafting of profiles
  • Production schedule development
  • Traffic management operations and truck schedule development

Area 3: Operations Department

  • Overall review of operations department functions
  • Training on LLP computer programs and network operation (user interface)
  • Basic knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software – MAS 200
  • Inventory management operations
  • Work order processing
  • Purchase order processing/receipt

Area 4: Sales Department

  • Overall review of Sales department operations
  • Sales order processing
  • Wholesale – Inside sales operations
  • Wholesale – Outside sales operations
  • Hardwood Store sales and operations
  • Customer Relation Management software

Area 5: Business Department

  • Overall review of Business department operations
  • Accounts payable processing
  • Accounts receivable processing
  • LLP budgeting policies and procedures.

Additional Details:

  • This is an apprentice program that could resut in full time employment
  • Work hours are 6:30-3:00 Monday through Friday.
  • Health benefits, life insurance, vacation days, and retirement plans available.
  • Pre-employment drug testing required.
  • Employee discounts
  • Working Conditions: Office, lumber warehouse, and planing mill environment. Also, customer office and factory sites along with meeting and seminar facility sites.

Lewis Lumber Products in an Equal Opportunity Employer


$35K -$40K pending qualifications

Main Contact

Keith Atherholt