Civil Engineering Technician

USDA Forest Service, Allegheny National Forest

29 Forest Service Drive

Bradford, PA 16701



• Make and/or recommend revised or alternate designs to eliminate or reduce engineering problem areas without undue sacrifice of standards, economy, or esthetics.

• Ascertain that all information needed for a project is provided in accordance with appropriate design and drafting standards.

• Develop and recommend modification of design details to facilitate the project.

• Conduct a wide range of non-standard surveys and data collection activities to provide data for civil engineering project designs.

• Prepare engineering data reports and recommends priorities, which are used in the formulation of cost estimates and bills of materials.

• Administer construction and maintenance contracts to insure compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

• Monitor and control a major segment of projects, such as roads, bridges, parking facilities, trails, drainage structures, erosion control features, retaining walls, buildings, equipment shops and yards, and recreation sites.

• Make minor changes requiring contract amendments and modifications involving adjustments in the contract price or time, and recommends final acceptance of the completed project.

• Maintain records of all the administration of the contract.


$43,683 - $53,433 per year

Main Contact

William Mague